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This web API utilizes ArcGIS Server, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, Ninject, Bootstrap, and more to provide enterprise-wide GIS data integration with other IT divisions. It is a collection of smaller RESTful API modules that expose GIS data, including real-time metadata, map generation, geocoding, and access to geodatabase items.

Each module within the API provides domain-specific functionality and includes documentation extracted from the C# code, live samples, and sample syntax.

This is the most recent work that I've completed and the best example of the type of work I currently perform (API design). It is a large-scale multi-layered architecture that is built upon Inversion of Control principles and a modular plug-and-play framework that was developed in-house.

The following are individual components of the GIS Web API:

Auto-complete Geocoding

The geodata module provides access to specific geodatabase information such as addresses. The module is self-documenting by extracting XML code comments from the API controller's documentation.


Static Map Generator

This web utility demonstrates the use of the Map Images module by allowing a user to specify parameters to submit to an AJAX request in a user friendly interface.

Sample image

Metadata Retrieval

The metadata module demonstrates real-time retrieval of geodatabase metadata.

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